On this page you can, like the title suggests, find ways to contact me as well as credits for the various resources I've used on this site! Nifty, eh? It's almost like I'm semi-competent or something. :P lol

Discord: Amber Ren#2517
Email: (ask thru other accounts plz)
Tumblr: cyberangeldust
Instagram: cyberangeldust

  1. Transparent gradient hr tag
  2. Electronic Dance Music stamp by TheBourgyman
  3. Stamp: Eeveelutions by Espyfluff
  4. A Little Disordered by Midnight-Specks
  5. Stamp: Emotionally stunted by Azrael-Legna
  6. Never... by prosaix
  7. Censorship Panda button by Amber M. Williams
  8. Celldweller stamp by capitaljay
  9. Pendulum Stamp by Keeji-d
  10. NIN Stamp by Keeji-d
  11. Blue Stahli Stamp by Rynndig
  12. Monster cat Stamp (UPDATED 2018) by VaporNinja

Dummy emoticon is owned by deviantART. The buttons, blinkies, and other decorations are from various sources that I am unable to find. All artwork that includes my fursona Raziel, unless stated otherwise, was created by me.