And before you go shoutin' at me, I am critical of all of my interests. However, I think that phrase is really stupid because it implies people aren't naturally critical of the stuff they're consuming. Ik that phrase is generally used for people who defend weirdo creeps, but that isn't not being critical, that's being willfully ignorant. u_u Rant over...

Movies/TV: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Mindfreak, Doctor Who, My Little Pony, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Mirrormask, Spongebob Squarepants, Star Trek (TNG), Star Wars (TCW and SWR only lol), The Shining, The Terminator, The Wicker Man (1973)
Music: 80s pop, 90s grunge, Brian Eno, Calvin Harris, Ephixa, Klayton (Celldweller, Circle of Dust, Scandroid, FreqGen), Monstercat (early 2010s artists), Nouveau Arcade, Nine Inch Nails, ohGr, Pendulum/Knife Party, Phutureprimitive, Skrillex, System Of A Down, Techno, The Crying Spell, Vocaloid, Zardonic
Video Games: Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Battleblock Theater, Don’t Starve, Half-life, LSD Dream Emulator, Penumbra, Portal 2, Silent Hill, Sonic The Hedgehog, The Binding Of Isaac, Machinarium, Mario, Mateusz Skutnik's Games, Mega Man, vintage Flash games
Miscellaneous: 1996 Everest disaster, aquatic life, artificial intelligence/robots, Beanie Babies, birds, computers, computer viruses, DeviantART, digital art, Halloween, insects, internet archival, Littlest Pet Shop (pre-Blythe), medical science, Sanrio, SCP Foundation, spiders, stuffed animals, transcribing lyrics, Valentines Day, old internet, Polybius (urban legend), scene/emo fashion, space, virtual worlds