Website Description
DeviantART One of the many places I post my digital art. Green flavor.
Tumblr Another one of the many places I post my digital art. Blue flavor.
Instagram Yet another of the many places I post my digital art. White flavor.
Tumblr... again My personal blog where I post... basically anything. I mostly reblog stuff there.
Glitter Graphics An extensive archive of pixels, gifs, blinkies, whatever!
Internet Archive Another extensive archive, but this time of the web!
Friend Project A MySpace clone. It's pretty dead... but still, a lot of fun to explore!
Goatlings A pet site that revolves around cute little goats!
Picasion's Glitter Maker A website where you can make your own glitter text.
Glitter Photo Ever wanted to give your pictures an extra sparkle?
W3 Schools' HTML tutorial Struggling with your website? I know I am! See also their CSS tutorial.
Pointless Sites A fun archive of weird websites to scroll through.
Rafaël Rozendaal Speaking of weird websites, check this out! The webpages linked are art pieces created/owned by Rafaël Rozendaal.
Geocities archive More archives of the web! This time, specifically Geocities.
POLYBIUS - The Video Game That Doesn't Exist A video by Ahoy that covers the mystery of Polybius, the video game urban legend.
BlueMaxima's Flashpoint Flashpoint is a Flash game/animation/etc. archive.
MayMay A nice selection of escape games. You can even play on smartphone!
EzGif A website that makes and edits gifs. I use it for my junk. :D
MyNoise Noise genetators galore!
Retsupurae A Youtube channel run by Slowbeef and Diabetus created to show the flaws in early lets play videos.
SomeOrdinaryArchives Like SomeOrdinaryGamers, but not the drama videos? Check out his old creepypasta videos here!
Mateusz Skutnik Mateusz Skutnik's website. Contains a lot of great games and beautiful artwork!
Winamp Skin Museum An interactive archive containing thousands of Winamp skins hosted on the Internet Archive.
Muffin Films A collection of animations created by Amy Winfrey, the same person behind Making Fiends.